What Did You Do? is the tenth episode of Guilt, and the tenth episode of Season 1. It aired on August 22, 2016, and is the final part of the 2-part summer finale. The live U.S. ratings for the episode were 0.396 million viewers [3]On Thursday October 20th, 2016 it was revealed that Freeform has opted not to renew the series, due to low ratings. Effectively canceling it after one season.  Thus, making this episode the series finale[4]


The crown prosecutor is convinced that Grace Atwood killed her flatmate Molly Ryan and now it’s in the hands of the jury. As the jury deliberates Grace’s fate, Detectives Bruno and Pike rush to uncover who is behind the Hertfordshire murder and if the two cases are related. To buy time, Stan and Natalie try and postpone the court proceedings, not knowing that Grace has an escape plan of her own in motion. Meanwhile, Patrick is convinced that Prince Theo is the murderer and intent on revenge. So, when the Prince’s compulsions lead him back to Kaley, it provides Patrick with the opportunity he’s been waiting for.


Guest Starring:Edit

Title and BackgroundEdit

  • The name of the episode is in reference to the last line of the episode said by Natalie Atwood to her sister Grace.




Behind the ScenesEdit



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